FastEject 1.2

Open and close your CD and DVD drives from your desktop

FastEject is a practical tool that opens and closes your different drives from the Windows desktop. This application can control your drives with just one click. FastEject creates a small square box on your desktop with a specific number of buttons depending on drives you have. This is a very useful and quick way to manage your drives, plus you can even use hotkeys for even faster results. It supports several languages so you don't have to worry about interface problems with this tool. FastEject allows you to freely choose where to put the drives box on your desktop. No matter how many disc drives you have, or if they are CD or DVD drives, this application will manage them all. Sometimes drive buttons are damaged by extended use, but with this tool you're free of that problem because it enables you open to drives remotely with your keyboard or mouse. FastEject is a unique tool for drive management.

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